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High gain was released in September 28th, 2017 to reward all the real BTC holders that believed in cryptocurrency since it was unknown to most. The coins were distributed to reward long-time Bitcoin holders and people who invested hard into this cryptocurrency. YuanPay crypto trading is trending now. Limited access aims to guarantee the exclusivity of our token. After the initial phase, High Gain quickly became one of the most interesting coin released later this year. Now trading on CoinExchange and staying on TOP 20 since listing, High Gain aims to be a new reference for online BlackJack Gambling. Follow and join us!

Key Features

What makes High Gain unique? Let’s find out

Available on all platforms

High Gain will feature cross-platform development, this way you will be able to play BlackJack on any system, everywhere.

Safe thanks to Blockchain Tech

Say goodbye to Dollars, welcome Cryptocurrencies & Automated trading Robots like bitcoin era kryptozene. Ultra fast and reliable payment of the future is here.

In-wallet direct gambling

Play BlackJack directly inside your High Gain wallet and earn new coins with staking!

User Friendly Interface

High Gain will feature a great and friendly user interface based on QT5.9 capabilities.

Christmas is coming!

High Gain BlackJack platform BETA opening December 24th.

Our goal is to create an exclusive Online Blackjack App inside High Gain Wallet thanks to QT 5.9 multimedia capabilities. The online platform will require a certain amount of GAIN to join (the exact amount will be revealed later), subscription coins will be used by the developers to keep the project alive. Each bet (made in GAIN currency only) will have a fixed 1% fee. Our upcoming BETA, to be released on December 24th, will be available only to those who joined the ERC20 Slack Airdrop.



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